OPTimum UIDentify

OPTimum UIDentify stops fraud in it’s tracks.

The Problem

In March of 2021 the Labor Department inspecter general’s office estimates that more than $63 billion has been paid out improperly through fraud or error – roughly 10% of the total amount paid under the coronavirus pandemic-related unemployment program. Experts estimate that as of September 2021 that amount is in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Solution OPTimum UIdentify

OPTimum’s UIdentify stops organized fraud in its tracks. Quickly and accurately validate if a person is who they claim to be. The OPTimum solution crossmatches the individual’s driver’s license or state issued ID against the National Drivers’ License Data Verification Service.

Identity proofing solution specifically created for Unemployment Insurance.

A fully automated process requiring no human intervention.

Instantly validate the data in real-time from the “source of truth”, a national DMV repository.

Browser-based live ID barcode scan that is quick and easy.

Physical document scan creates significant barriers for fraudsters and boosts your agency defenses.

How ID Proofing Works

The process from a claimant and agency perspective is simple and straightforward. The agency sends out an automated verification email , the claimant receives it and scans their ID and completes the registration process. If the verification is successful, the claimant can proceed down the benefits application process. Although the process appears simple to the claimant, in the background UIDentify is validating a collection of scanned data elements, including those that are not available to fraudsters who have acquired Identification information via a data breach.

Where Can ID Proofing Be Used?

What ID Can Be Used?

Our solution supports the barcode scanning of any State ID, a Driver’s Permit and a Driver’s License. This will also cross state lines, which is a plus over current state direct cross matches and key in license numbers.

Key Features

Validate 17 different fields, some of which are impossible to fake such as Document Discriminator number, ID issued date, and expiration date.

Data encrypted at rest and in motion.

Flexible implementation.

Protection against identity theft and imposter fraud.

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